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$109 $75 for you today.  2.5 hours of video instruction for a lifetime. Intro to Acrylic Pouring (supplies needed, paint types pros and cons, color theory, importance of consistency and how to measure it, how to prevent cracking and crazing), Different Pouring Mediums and How to Mix Them (Glue, Floetrol, Premium), Mastering the Pouring Process (6 different flip cup techniques, full flip cup process of Glue, Floetrol and Premium Pouring Medium), Finishing and Preserving Your Artwork (clean oils off, varnish, ways to store your art).  Access to an exclusive Facebook Group to connect with course participants and tips from me.


Acrylic Pouring Guide E-Book

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  • Commonly used terms.
  • A basic list of materials.
  • Discover paint-to-medium ratios for both tube and fluid paints!
  • Walk through the basics of the 1) flip cup pour, 2) swipe style pour, and 3) open cup pour.

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