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A Start to Finish Acrylic Pouring Guide with Dynamic Flip Demos


Course Outline

Introduction to Flip Cup Acrylic Pouring

  • The Bare Minimum Supplies You Need
  • Quality of Life Items to Have
  • Paint Types (Pros and Cons)
  • Color Theory Basics
  • Different Substrates
  • The Importance of Consistency and How to Measure It
  • Cracking and Crazing and How to Prevent It

Different Pouring Mediums and How to Mix Them

  • Different Pouring Mediums (Pros and Cons)
  • How to Mix with Glue Medium
  • How to Mix with Floetrol Medium
  • Example Ratios When Using Premium Pouring Medium

Mastering the Pouring Process

  • Glue Medium Flip Cup (Full Process)
  • Floetrol Medium Flip Cup (Full Process)
  • Premium Pouring Medium Flip Cup (Full Process)
  • Comparing Dry Results with Different Pouring Mediums
  • 6 Different Flip Cup Techniques / Demonstrations to Try at Home

Finishing and Preserving Your Artwork

  • How to Clean the Oils Off Your Canvas (Preparing for Varnish)
  • How to Varnish Your Artwork
  • Ways to Store Your Finished Artwork

Lifetime Access to this course and materials that will be updated as materials change so you are always up to date on creating your own beautiful works of art.

Gain access to an exclusive Facebook Group and connect with fellow course participants, share your creations, and receive personalized tips from me.  

Plus, find a helpful document with links to where I personally purchase all the items needed for your acrylic pouring journey!

What People Are Saying:

I was hesitant to purchase this course, but I am so happy that I did. A friend of mine made me promise to watch one of Johnny's videos because I suffer from PTSD from the military, so I did, and I am forever grateful! His instruction and personality are genuine. I truly enjoy pouring and making masterpieces. Each one comes out just the way it is supposed to. I hope you all get the same freedom that I have from it.

Jenna B

Thank you to everyone in the J Mo Painting family for this wonderful course! This is a great course for a beginner to acrylic pouring. I love that I am able to get so much information with explanations and videos in one place. The course has really helped me in my journey and I look forward to future courses in the more advanced techniques.

Andrea M

I cannot thank you enough for the very informative and easy to follow lessons. You are the perfect instructor.

Cheryl C

First and foremost thank you for presenting an amazing class, I enjoyed every minute understanding this process and am grateful to add it to my art line up.

Joie B

Just finished Johnny’s Acrylic Pour class and I am blown away by the wealth of information he presents. Johnny also explains everything in straight up precise instructions that are easy to follow. He does a great job of explaining different techniques and also letting you see those results side by side. Chocked full of great advice and useful tips, I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to venture in the acrylic pour territory. I have learned so much. Thanks Johnny!

"Coyote" Malcom